OpenSpark 2.0: Behind the Site

We are thrilled to finally be unveiling the new OpenSpark website!  We've been planning it for months, and one of the biggest decisions we faced was the platform to use.  We knew we wanted a content management system (CMS) and after working with many systems over the years, we knew from the moment we started using Drupal for building client sites that it would also be the platform of our new site.  There are tons of technical reasons for this decision, but we'll try not to bore you with those.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a free, community-built website development tool. It allows users to easily create, update and manage a website without requiring a lot of technical know-how. Drupal uses a point-and-click interface to add pages, menus, images and file uploads and it enforces security, so permissions can be applied to different kinds of users. As a website grows, it's easy to add custom features from the thousands of free modules available for download. Drupal is highly regarded as one of the best website frameworks available and is rapidly gaining adoption all over the globe.

Why Drupal?

We picked Drupal because:

  1. It is ridiculously easy to do every-day things like editing content, adding pages, moving content, changing menus, blogging, etc.  These things can now be done in just minutes.
  2. Drupal is open-source code.  This means that instead of building the technical framework from scratch ourselves, we relied on a community of thousands of experts around the world who build and add to the Drupal foundation every day.  We can now spend our time on content and building the features relevant to our audience, instead of writing code from scratch.
  3. The technology is flexible enough to handle almost any kind of content and scalable enough to start small and continually evolve a site.

Good Company

Drupal powers many top sites on the Internet, including The Economist, Warner Brothers Records,, The White House, Fast Company, and The New York Observer

What to Expect

We know that technology is not a one-size fits all approach.  For our site, Drupal is the best platform.  But, we know that it's not right for everyone so we will continue to approach each project with an open-mind and make technology recommendations best suited to each client and their specific goals. 

We have tons of new features and functionality that we are planning to showcase on our site and we'll be rolling these out regularly.  Stay tuned for exciting developments!  And, if you see something you like that you want on your site or have any fresh ideas for us to consider, drop us a note and let us know.