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O-pen-Spark (oh-puh n spahrk) n.: A free action, concept, idea or thought that triggers creativity, curiosity, excitement, innovation or results in a targeted audience.

OpenSpark began with a single concept:  integrating marketing and technology can change a business.  Our team has extensive experience in both the marketing and technology fields, and we have created positive business impact simply by integrating these two disciplines.

Mission and Principles

Our mission is simple - deliver positive business results through an integrated marketing and technology plan.  Our principles are simple too:

  1. We have an absolute passion for marketing and technology, and the power that results from combining them.
  2. We can’t get enough of the feeling you get when you know you have delivered amazing business results to a client.
  3. We thrive on developing strong client relationships.
  4. We need creativity and we don’t like playing inside the box … in fact, we don’t even like boxes.
  5. We don’t like rules and constraints; we need an environment open to exploration and innovation.
  6. We need to believe in what we are doing to be absolutely committed to the process and the outcome.
  7. We are curious people and we especially enjoy ‘why’ questions.
  8. We genuinely enjoy continual process improvement … in other words, we like every hour, every day, every project to be better than the last.
  9. We collaborate because collaborative energy is incredible.
  10. We are inspired by the world of possibilities. Together, our mission and principles are Why We Spark.


Julie and Chad at Aunt Rita's AIDS Walk Phoenix 2010OpenSpark was founded and is led by award-winning, certified marketing and technology experts Julie Smith, CMP and Chad Sauerbry MCP.  Julie and Chad have worked together for almost twenty years, helping many companies acheive their marketing and technology goals.  They are both perfectionists (a blessing and curse), passionate about what they do (again, the blessing and curse thing), and addicted to caffeine (skim chai latte and Diet Coke with Lime for Julie, and carmel macchiato - hot or iced - and Mountain Dew for Chad). 

Julie works in our Bucks County, PA office and Chad works in our Phoenix, AZ office.