Editing Comments on Facebook

Ever typed a comment on Facebook that you later regret?

Ever posted a typo-filled Facebook comment?

If so, you will like a new Facebook feature that will be rolling out soon - the ability to edit your comments.  Facebook currently provides the ability to edit a comment within a very short period of time after you post it, but after that window of time expires, your only option is to delete the comment and re-post it.  The new editing feature will allow you to edit any comments, regardless of how long ago they were posted.  

As with almost everything on the Internet, your original comment is still permanent, even if not immediately visible. Your edited comment will be displayed (with a note that it has been edited), but the original comment will still be available in a history screen so thinking before posting is still the best rule to follow.  Think of this new feature as an easy way to correct typos that are bugging you (without the hassle of deleting and reposting, thus triggering a notice sent to everyone who has posted a comment previously), and not a way to say things you would not normally say just because you can edit later.

What do you think - is this a useful feature or not?