How to Find 30 Minutes per Week

In the current issue of Inc. magazine, a CEO describes how he will save 180 days over the course of his career (he defines his career as 40 years) simply by using keyboard shortcutsYes, 180 days!! Full, 24-hour days, not 8 or 10 hour workdays.  What would you do with an extra 180 days over the course of your career? To help you get started saving time, here is a list of common shortcuts for Microsoft Word:

CTRL A Select All
CTRL C Copy text
CTRL D Font menu
CTRL E Center text
CTRL F Find menu
CTRL G Go to menu
CTRL H Replace menu
CTRL I Italicize text
CTRL J Justify text
CTRL K Insert hyperlink menu
CTRL L Left align text 
CTRL M Indent text
CTRL N New file
CTRL O Open file
CTRL P Print file
CTRL Q Reset paragraph
CTRL R Right align text
CTRL S Save file
CTRL T Hanging indent
CTRL U Underline text
CTRL V Paste text
CTRL W Close file
CTRL X Cut text
CTRL Y Repeat or redo last command
CTRL Z Undo last command
F7 Spell and grammar check
F10 Menu mode
F12 Save as
ALT F4 Close file
ALT F10 Maximize window

Many of the Word shortcuts will work in Excel, Outlook, and other Microsoft programs but there are other shortcuts that will save you time on common tasks in those programs too.  Look for those lists coming soon! You may not start out saving 780 keystrokes per day, but even if you can save 200 per day that still comes out to 48 full days over 40 years.  What could you do with that extra eight weeks?

[Image courtesy of Axxnn]